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Rajini irritated by Peter Haynes; Sivaji stalled for a short time!!
Then what could have gone wrong! Well, the fight scene being filmed was a trifle risky. A few of the stunt artistes actually got injured during the shoot. Now, this did not please the Superstar, he accorded primary importance to safety. He himself was suffering from a minor injury and his shoulders seems to have been in pain. This however did not stop stunt director Peter Hayne from going ahead and choreographing even more dangerous stunts. All this in spite of the Superstar’s request/instruction. This, not surprisingly, angered the Superstar, who reportedly left the shooting spot immediately.
Now, who is to blame, we leave it to you to decide. We do not dispute the fact that Rajini had every right to be concerned about his safety and that of his co-stars too. But all said and done, it is Rajini who walked out

Going by Rajini’s spotless record (he has never left a shooting spot before pack up time) the incident must have been serious. With this entire happening on the sets, one man seems to be conspicuously missing from the scene, director Shankar.
One might think that he should have been in the thick of things, settling the issue.

As it was mentioned at the start, all news regarding Sivaji has to come past a tight cordon of secrecy. So all Tamil movie lovers, no need to get upset. Sivaji will for sure hit the theatres and the Superstar will mesmerize us all with his timeless style. This is just a minor aberration, after all, for the man who overcame the debacle of Baba, this is nothing; JUJUBEE!
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