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Star marriages: Who’s next in line?
And finally it is over! What? The Surya Jyothika marriage of course. The press will now have to look for other matters, which can provide the news to fill up the space. For almost three years the Surya-Jyothika combine provided enough and more for the gossip mills and page3.
Surya & Jyothika

The speculations, acceptances, denials and every minor detail of the couple was blown up in media space, so much so that almost the whole of Tamil Nadu began to look expectantly towards the marriage of the couple. As the convention of the media goes ‘married couples do not make any news’ new avenues for gossip have to be found out. There seems to be no dearth of such sources for the media and it seems that both the reporters and the readers are going to have their plates full.

Selvaraghavan weds Sonia Agarwal

Hot on the list of gossip providers are the star couple of director Selvaraghavan and Sonia Agarwal. Though formal announcements have not yet been made to the effect that the two have made any kind of decision, it only seems to be a formality. It is as if the entire industry knows and has accepted the fact that the couple are more or less sure to enter into wedlock sooner rather than later. The interesting thing here seems to be that the families of both Selvaraghavan and Sonia seem to have had no objection at all to this relationship.

The ‘king size’ event

Actually, things seem to have taken a definite course since as early as the days of Kadhal Kondaen and surprisingly it has been Selvaraghavan who has been putting off the wedding, which would have otherwise been imminent. The budding director seems to have been intent upon establishing himself as one of the top directors of Kollywood before entering into wedlock. Now, it seems that pressure from all sides has finally got Selvaraghavan to agree upon a fairly proximal date.
Sonia Agarwal

The grapevine is that the couple has already got engaged in a very private ceremony at the actress’ native place. But one should also agree that Selvaraghavan has succeeded, at least partially in making himself one of the most sought after in Kollywood. The only things that are now waiting to happen are the official conformation from both sides and the actual ceremony that is touted to take place as early as December. The ceremony, when it takes place is expected to be as star studded as the wedding of Surya and Jyothika.

The reason being obvious, the family of the groom being almost entirely in the film field and the undoubted participation of the superstar Rajni and his family in the ceremony. What else would one need to make an event ‘king size.’Continued on next page >>
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