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Star marriages: Who’s next in line?
Simbu & Nayantara

Simbu, Nayantara – Talk of the town

Another couple that seems to be in the news almost all the time is the young pair of Simbu and Nayantara. No one knows for sure as to when the whole affair started. But before one could bat an eyelid it was the ‘Talk of the town’ and stories were flying left right and center. They became the new lovebirds of Kollywood and all the stills that were taken for Vallavan were viewed with a very different attitude

Simbu’s residence: Nayantara’s official car park

Though their love tale has been around for some months now, neither of the concerned parties has given any response. Whenever asked, the response has been the tried and tested one of friendship and camaraderie on the sets and how they enjoy working with one another. But the studied manner in which the replies were made revealed a lot about the truth of the matter. This is not gossip; Nayantara’s car is parked at Simbu’s residence whenever she has to go out of town for shooting. That says a lot, if you want to read into the matter, otherwise, it is just friendship.

Simbu & Nayantara
Simbu & Nayantara

Nayan now Simbu family’s pet

The news is that Simbu’s family was initially against this relationship, but the insistence of Simbu has finally made them nod their heads and it seems that Nayantara has made a place for herself in the Simbu family, literally or otherwise. So, things seem settled, but this is not going to end so soon. Nayantara’s career has just taken off and Simbu has to go a long way if he has to reach his ambitious goals.

So, wedding may not be on the cards just as yet, but it is a certainty, a couple of years down the lane, maybe. Till then, the gossip mills have enough raw material to process.
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