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“Ready to be Pooja’s groom” – Arya opens up
The coolest dude of Kollywood has no qualms in admitting that he drools at beautiful girls, particularly his lead ladies. The reason is rather simple. He is from the genre that does not wear a make-believe attitude to protect the image that is created by the roles on the silver screen. He openly discusses about the girls in his reel and real life leaving no room for the gossipmongers of tabloids.
Arya & Padmapriya

I befriend all the beautiful girls who pair up with me, Arya starts off. I start with introducing myself to them and that is where the friendship starts. Conversation with them provides a great deal of compatibility and the girls have no reservations whatsoever in performing love scenes with me after we start enacting them, Arya clarifies.

I treat my friends – both boys and girls alike. This provides them with a comfort factor and benefits the shoots. I benefit from the fact that most of the lead girls in the industry do not speak Tamil.

I help them out with their Tamil, which even the directors love. I ease the directors from their job in training the heroines in Tamil, he adds up funnily. The only issue I have is about the gossip columns that spot me with my lead girl on the sets. Of course, though our discussion would be generic, the media will find something fishy, Arya remarks.

His close girlfriends in the industry are Pooja, Renuka Menon, Padmapriya, and Samiksha. He starred opposite Pooja in three movies and claims that she is a very close buddy. He states that he would resort to Pooja and makes a call to her during his crisis time. She comes up with the best of her advice and I feel relieved from my crisis. Although, Pooja complains that she is not going to get a good groom because she has been acting with me in three movies and has been publicly seen in many functions with me, Arya notes funnily. If no one turns up, I will definitely come for rescue, I would say, adds Arya.

Arya Renuka Menon
Arya & Pooja

His next buddy in the list Renuka Menon is an introvert, says he. It is really difficult to make friends with her. Since she is a Malayali as me, I found it easy to converse with her and win her confidence, Arya confides. She has become a close friend to my family as well and is now getting married. She always said that she would not marry someone from the industry. I guess her notion arose out of her friendship with me, Arya laughs.

Arya won Padmapriya’s confidence by teaching her Tamil since she is from Karnataka and does not speak a word of Tamil.

He says that she cracks a lot of jokes on the sets and he would always play pranks with her and get on her nerves. I act funny with her on the sets. These days since she is busy in Malayalam, we get no time more than just a hi, remarks Arya.
So what is it with Samiksha? She is a cool girl whom you can hang out with. She does not eat your head like other demanding girl friends. She has a chilled attitude, which is a compliment by itself. Everyone will befriend her so easily for the kind of personality she is, adds Arya.

Well we guess he would have more things to say when he had acted in more movies and become a mature man. We bid goodbye to the outspoken Arya wishing him all luck with his future projects and of course with his girl friends in particular.
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