Release Date : Mar 20,2015
100 Days Of Love (aka) 100 Days Of Love review

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Production: K. V. Vijayakumar
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen
Direction: Jenuse Mohammed
Screenplay: Jenuse Mohammed
Story: Jenuse Mohammed
Music: Govind Menon
Background score: Govind Menon
Cinematography: Pratheesh Varma
Editing: Sandeep Kumar
100 days of love - the title and trailer might have given you the idea that you are in for a candy-floss romance story. Well, even though the movie is full of love and the emotions surrounding it, the manner in which the film is treated is commendable.

Dulquer Salman plays BKN (Balan K Nair), a loser, as the world around him calls him. Nithya Menen plays Sheela, a girl who believes that life is all about practicality, even when it comes to love.

The story starts off with a lengthy dialogue of BKN, revealing that the movie has a sad ending because happy endings are not possible in real life. The plot takes off from there and travels through a series of colourful  events that starts right from him meeting Sheela, becoming acquaintances, turning into friends and ultimately falling in love.

Set in Bangalore, the director Jenuse Mohammed has been keen in portraying the niche lifestyle of the city and the actors Dulquer and Nithya fit right into the soul of the setting. There is something unique about Dulquer Salmaan’s attitude and acting style - the uniqueness and subtlety in his reactions compared to the general acting pattern of the others drags all attention on him.

Although the movie starts off slowly, it begins to get intriguing as the story develops and by the time the film reaches its climax you are content with the fact that you are touched by a romantic tale that has a lot of maturity. Nithya Menen and Dulquer share a ‘blush-making’ on screen chemistry - Nithya’s natural voice and smile adding to the sparkle.

Every actor, be it Sekhar Menon, Vineeth or Praveena have played their parts brilliantly.

Jenuse Mohammed has made sure he has woven the script in an unpredictable manner and it appears as though he has been particular about staying away from cliches as much as possible. The naturality in the dialogues and treatment of the film is a key factor that pleases the overall watching experience - Dulquer casually opening the bonnet of the broken down car before stepping out to open it and the casual nuances of all the actors being noteworthy examples.

Pradheesh Varma’s glossy camera work and the easily flowing edit cuts by Sandeep Kumar breathe through the movie, playing very important roles in its life. Produced by K.V. Vijayakumar Palakunnu, 100 days of love is a heartwarming tale that is gentle and natural.
Verdict: A relatively pleasant and unpredictable romance movie
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


100 Days of Love (aka) 100 Days of Love

100 Days of Love (aka) 100 Days of Love is a Malayalam movie with production by K. V. Vijayakumar, direction by Jenuse Mohammed, cinematography by Pratheesh Varma, editing by Sandeep Kumar. The cast of 100 Days of Love (aka) 100 Days of Love includes Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen.