Release Date : Feb 20,2015
Fireman (aka) Fire Man review

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Production: Milan Jaleel
Cast: Mammootty, Nyla Usha, Salim Kumar, Unni Mukundan
Direction: Deepu Karunakaran
Screenplay: Deepu Karunakaran
Story: Deepu Karunakaran, Manoj, Ranjith
Music: Rahul Raj
Background score: Rahul Raj
Cinematography: Sunoj Velayudhan
Editing: V Saajan
When an ordinary man dials 101, he strongly believes that a fireman will come for his rescue. Fireman’s core plot revolves around a huge rescue operation, led by Vijay (Mammooty). As the end card suggests, the movie is indeed a dedication to firemen as it portrays a lot of detail when it comes to use of equipment and mode of operation.

However, the sub plots that surround the main plot have a few loose ends that might leave us with a heap of questions by the end of the movie.

Mammootty as Vijay carries his role with utmost ease – the twists and turns in the plot offering him those scoring points as an actor. Salim Kumar fits perfectly in the role of a father who has lost his daughter, however his very character in the film is obscure and drags in a lot of confusion.

Director Deepu Karunakaran’s intention of writing a gripping rescue operation script has definitely worked, but one might get the feeling that some of the high points in the movie have been deliberately created and somehow does not sync with the flow of the movie. Nevertheless, the movie leaves you at a high, with an unexpected climax twist that definitely deserves praise.

Unni Mukundan plays a decent role as Shahjahan, although his sudden disappearance, reappearance and disappearance makes the movie look like a piece of cloth stitched with a different coloured thread.

Nyla Usha as Sherin Thomas IPS does a decent job although she does not have much to do in the film except to walk around giving and taking orders.

Sunoj Velayudhan’s work behind the cinematography is convincing – not trying to be over ambitious in the overall proceedings. The visual effect elements in the film fall slightly on the tacky side - especially the fire sequences, but the gripping screenplay might make you overlook them.

What’s laudable about the movie is its length, which has been limited to around a crisp couple of hours, giving no way to any kind of lag. The lack of songs in the film serves as a big plus point, but the BGM appears to be a little too ordinary, specifically in the gripping areas of the movie.

Produced by Milan Jaleel, under the banner Galaxy Films, Fireman is a gripping movie that falls short in clarity.
Verdict: A pacy movie that lacks clarity
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Fireman (aka) Fire Man

Fireman (aka) Fire Man is a Malayalam movie with production by Milan Jaleel, direction by Deepu Karunakaran, cinematography by Sunoj Velayudhan, editing by V Saajan. The cast of Fireman (aka) Fire Man includes Mammootty, Nyla Usha, Salim Kumar, Unni Mukundan.