A letter to Univercell Vijay Awards Team

Univercell Vijay Awards tasted a phenomenal success in its fourth edition. The event was organized and executed in a grand manner.

One really has to congratulate the Vijay Awards Team not just for the manner in which the event was executed but for staging honesty in selecting the probable and winners.

When an actor of Prakash Raj’s caliber could speak his heart out in a function like this then you can definitely take a lot of credit for your honesty.

People will certainly have no questions (or if very few) questions in terms of awarding the best.

But I am writing here to give a suggestion to add another category to honor one of the true pillars of Tamil cinema.

Yes, an Award for the Best Producer of the Year.

You can say that there is a category named “Best Film of the Year” where the producers and few star casts are called to the stage and honored. But how much credit a producer takes from it?

Yes it is a debatable one but I firmly believe Best Film should be considered as credit to team effort than just to producers and a separate award to Producers would be a fair one than just holding the award for the best film.

Sometime I feel producers are just been treated as financiers by Media and Fans.

Money is not just an answer for their sleepless nights and if we could honor their efforts by bring them to limelight then I believe Tamil Cinema will head in a better path than the current one.

If there is room for producers in Favorite Awards as well as Jury Awards category then one can really feel that their efforts are been recognized.

One doesn’t need to get the award but if a producer sees his name in the probable list and feels that his name and efforts are been debated by fans and jury members then definitely he will breathe a lot easier and this will boost and motivate him.

And I have another suggestion too, rather than suggestion I just put it as a question, how would it be if Univercell Vijay Awards could grant “Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Award for Excellence in Indian Cinema” to a producer in its fifth edition?

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