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Tamil Movie Review : Varalaru
Varalaru review – Ajith’s Diwali treat to set cash registers ringing

Cast : Ajith,Asin

Music Director : A.R. Rehaman

Director : K.S.Ravikumar

Production : Nic Arts S S Chakravarthy
Relationships entangled in an emotional web – that is Varalaru for you in a single sentence. The storyline is not so complex that it can be entered in the back of a bus ticket. Yet, what makes the movie worthwhile is a five-letter word. You guessed it right. Ajith.

The long awaited Varalaru has stuff in it in the name of Ajith, K.S. Ravikumar and a well crafted plot. Though there are remnants of the fact that the movie was under production for more than a couple of years, the narration and an implausible screenplay succeed in entertaining the masses for two and a half hours.

The story opens with the classical dancer Ajith, who inherits his girlishness from the dance he learns, whose marriage is fixed with his childhood sweetheart Kaniha. An intolerant Ajith goes crazy when the bride and her best friends make fun of him over his actions. He eventually loses control and ends up raping Kaniha – the bride. With that, the story leaps into another couple of decades where the dancer turned rapist has twins (Ajith X 2) out of his misbehavior. The kids were shared among the couple and what happens when the mama’s boy decides to punish his father for his rape assault is Varalaru.
Warriors – Plot and the Director

If you ever thought, i.e, before the name-change of the movie from Godfather to Varalaru, K.S. Ravikumar has derived inspiration from the famous Hollywood hit sequels, you are grossly mistaken. Varalaru has no such connections with the original Godfather series. On the other hand, it is packed rightly with all the elements in right proportions that are inexorable for a Tamil hit movie.

Ajith showcases his indomitable skills with the three roles that he portrays and tries to show differences in the articulation with each different role. However, dancer Ajith wins the hearts and the thought almost crosses one’s mind – has Ajith watched the Malayalam hero Dilip in one such hit movie ‘Chandupottu’?
K.S. Ravikumar, having been behind the cameras for innumerable hits, has done his job with ease. Though the first half seems to be dragging the viewer into a dizzy state, Ravikumar skillfully manages to make them sit erect with some interesting twists in the plot and some vibrant dance numbers, thanks to Rahman.
The conqueror

No second thoughts, Ajith steals the show with his inimitable presence. His dancer role wins accolades and when challenged by his to-be wife for his woman-like features, Ajith makes us feel this – it is too early to write this talent off just because he delivered a few duds at the box office. Ajith’s expressions have improved tremendously and he has played his emotions subtly adding value to the roles.

Asin plays the no-less-than-ordinary heroine who gets teased by the typical Tamil hero and shakes her legs for a few dance numbers. She did not require to do hard work. The other stars include Kaniha, Sujatha, Ramesh Kannna, Mansoor Alikhan, Sandanabarathi, and Ponnambalam who fill in the parts almost perfectly.
Rahman’s music is worth mentioning in the ‘Innisai’ song, which is often demanded once more in the theatres. And sadly enough, Rahman is worth a mention only for a few songs and the background score fails to make an impact and passes off from your memory even before the movie ends.
The throne

Standing alone and with no other great movies for competition, of course an exemption of Vallavan the fate of which will be decided in the days to come, Varalaru is here to stay for a long time at the box office setting the cash registers ringing. At the same time, Varalaru has broken all the misconceptions that movies under production for a long time are most likely to fall flat on their noses.

Varalaru – worth a watch, if not for the other two Ajiths but indeed for the Ajith who dons the robe of a dancer.
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