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Tamil Movie Review : Kundakka Mandakka
Kundakka Mandakka
Director – Asokan
Starring – Parthiban, Lakshmi Rai and Vadivelu
Producer – S G Films

Kundakka Mandakka, a phrase famously quoted by the pair, Parthiban and Vadivelu, is just that, a phrase. On the lines of the hit Hindi flick, Bunty aur Babli, Kundakka Mandakka sees Parthiban and Vadivelu pairing up as two conmen.


The film aims to be a comic relief and has wanted to appear funny, but falls flat, when it pulls the thin rubber-like script more than its tolerance limit.

   Kudakka Mandakka is a different kind of film that Parthiban is attempting, after his stellar performances in flicks like Azhagi, opposite Nandita Das. This movie is nothing compared to Parthiban’s earlier movies. If you expect a repeat Azhagi performance, be kind and stay home.

   Kundakka Mandakka, is about two pals, Parthiban and Vadivelu, who are out to con people. Vadivelu is a petty thief and Parthiban his friend, who lives off his rich girlfriend, Lakshmi Rai. Parthiban however wishes to get his sister (Mallika) married to a millionaire.

Parthiban makes his girlfriend pay all the bills and fleeces her shamelessly, saying simply that as she has money, she can pay for both of them. Vadivelu, acts as if he forgot to get a brain fitted and runs after a tyre on the road, while he is traveling in a car, thinking that the tyre has come off from the car!

Parthiban, as the hero is totally wasted and we begin to think, what the director was thinking when he penned the story! Humor is jarring and the music is more pathetic than melodious. The whole movie revolves around the crucial moment when the hero, Parthiban has a change of heart, because his sister refuses to marry a guy for money.

Kundakka Mandakka is a movie for the front benchers and is a sure hit in the B and C theatres. Asokan, a debutant director, literally scares the masses with the presentation. Parthiban needs to check out the kind of movies he accepts. Mallika and Lakshmi Rai are more for glamour. They have not much to do, except wait for the hero to turn over a new leaf! Bharadwaj’s music is forgettable. Asokan is handling the direction and screenplay.

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