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Interview : Satyan
Sathyan - Vallavan

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Satyan has a striking resemblance to his uncle Satyaraj. His freewheeling style is also like the senior. In a rollercoaster interview with behindwoods, he shares his experiences in the industry.

Q: Give us some details about your foray into cinema.

Satyan: My father Madhampatti Sivakumar is a film producer. My uncle as you know is a popular hero. I made my debut in a home production, Ilayavan. My second film was Kanna unnai thedugiren.

Q: Did your parents accepted your choice of movies as a career?

Satyan: As I am the only son in the family, my parents were quite supportive. But they insisted that I finish college. Hence, I did my degree in Business Management before entering films.

Q: Making a debut in home production was easier or tougher?

Satyan: It was quite tough. People were friendly especially my costar, Kausalya. The director also did a good job. But theoverall demands of the production did give me some jitters.But my second film was for an outside producer and hence I was very relaxed.

Q: You shifted to comedy. Any regrets…..

Satyan: Not exactly. My ambition is to carve a permanent place in the industry, even if it is a small one. In fact, I feel that doing comedy is serious and difficult. Heroes can be easily made, comedians are tough to come by.

Q: What do you think is your advantage for comedy?

Satyan: My voice modulation and my accent based on the Coimbatore dialect.

Q: Your rapport with Surya….

Satyan: We are childhood friends and it was great working with him.

Q: How many films have you done so far?

Satyan: 14.

Q: Your uncle is a legendary villain turned hero. Would you like to play villain roles?

Satyan: I am quite realistic. My voice and body language are not suited for gruff villainy. But if I am given the chance for comic villainy like Balaiah sir or my uncle, I would love to.

Q: Would you make a comeback as hero?

Satyan: I do not consider comedy as a depromotion. My passion is cinema and I want to continue working as long as possible. Hence, I am open to any kind of roles.

Q: Any dream roles….

Satyan: I consider all my roles as dream and try to do them as perfectly as I can.

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