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Interview : Sadha



The vivacious girl made her debut in Jeyam. Her poyya, po mannerism was so typical of the village belle. Then, she acted in a couple of films but it was through Anniyan that her popularity reached the zenith. Her competent performance in Priyasaki was also noticed well. Here are a few excerpts from a recent interview.

Q: Tell us something about your experience of working in Tirupathi.

Sadha: Oh, fabulous! It is a great opportunity to work with Ajith. We are pairing together for the first time. Whether it is emotion or action, Ajith comes out in flying colours. I feel so challenged to keep pace with him. He is also a wonderful human being. Director Perarasu is a firecracker. After Tirupachi and Sivakasi, I am sure Tirupathi will be a hat trick. All of us are working hard to make it a big success.

Q: You were touted as Rajini’s heroine in Sivaji. But it did fall through. Your thoughts……

Sadha: Naturally, I feel sad at not having got the chance to work with the legend. But, I try to be philosophical about it. As Rajini sir himself said in a movie, whatever is destined for me will reach me and whatever is not so will never. I just go on.

Q: What do you have to say about the Malayalam brigade in Tamil cinema these days?

Sadha: You see, the audience here is very receptive to good performers. If there is a good script and a talented director, it matters little about where you hail from. These actresses were lucky to get those breaks. I’m not envious of them. I’m sure I’ll also get such films and the audience will definitely appreciate my work. Wait and see.

Q: You participated in the recent celebrity event for creating awareness about AIDS. How was it?

Sadha: I was so honoured to have been invited as a participant. It opened my eyes to the deplorable myths and startling facts about the AIDS epidemic. Beyond the song and dance which I performed, I was struck numb that one out of eight AIDS patients was Indian. All of us have a great responsibility in combating the disease.

Q: Have you found your prince charming?

Sadha: No, not yet! My knight in shining armour should have high moral values. He should also have a wonderful sense of humor.

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