Release Date : Sep 24,2015
Kuttram Kadithal (aka) Kutram Kadithal review

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Production: Christy Siluvappan, J.Sathish Kumar
Cast: Master Ajay, Pavel Navageethan, Radhika Prasidhha, Sai Rajkumar
Direction: Bramma.G
Screenplay: Bramma.G
Story: Bramma.G
Music: Shankar Rengarajan
Background score: Shankar Rengarajan
Cinematography: Manikandan D.F.Tech
Editing: CS Prem
PRO: Suresh Chandra
Distribution: JSK Film Corporation
                                *** No spoilers in this Kuttram Kadithal Review *** 
Kuttram Kadithal is a director's vision to stage a highly poignant tale of sensibilities, questioning the society. An error free story symbolized by a competent cast along with value adding technicalities to retain the authenticity of a notion, is Kuttram Kadithal.
Like a poetic take on a serious issue demanding public attention, director Bramma has decided to use the audio-visual medium, to give life to his thoughts and ideas. Not going by a set pattern or a tried and tested grammar to tell a story, the film is more a capture of certain events than a set of capable actors stopping to act after the director says 'cut'. Be it the casting or the dialogues, through every possible detailing, the film is at its intriguing best. Neither the cinematic liberty nor the visual language overtakes the hypothesis of the subject.
Kuttram Kadithal does not have the angles and the highly elevating music which generally go with climax sequences of films. When the story itself gets to be exciting, why bring in factors to accentuate it? No unwanted melodrama or no tantalizing of the facts and fiction. The film has nothing for you to like it, so you get to love it for what it is i.e. there is not an instance where something is particularly added for you to notice it.
The director has neatly handled the principles of filmmaking after thorough research on how the characters need to be introduced, established and utilized. The background score, sound design, costumes, shot-division, acting and the context are always in sync, providing us a non-exaggerated high of artistic intoxication.
Religion, education system, motherhood and ignorance are the areas the director addresses and he does it quite effortlessly through the flawless coordination from his cast and crew. His metaphorical usage of the screenplay is a true delight and there cannot be a scene being a misfit.
There is a sudden turn of events and the film gains all the momentum you had been waiting for. The leading lady walks out of a problem while a black polythene cover gets stuck to her feet without her knowledge. What more can be told to emphasize the fact that the devil has gotten hold of her? Particularly the evergreen track ‘Chinnanjiru Kiliyae’ is put to great use to explain the whole scenario in a matter of minutes with simple montages.
First timer Shankar Rangarajan’s explorative music and Anthony Jayaruban’s sound design bring in all the realism and believability. Manikandan’s cinematography acts as the human eye taking us into the film when the set design and the apparels further stabilize the set-up of the story. Prem’s uncompromising efforts on the edit table get reflected in the footage, especially during the end of the film.
Radhika Prasidhha's portrayal of Merlin is an intense performance to be cherished and ‘Madras’ fame Pavel Navageethan is natural. Master Ajay as Chezhiyan in the role of a naughty school kid is a great find while Sai Rajkumar as Manikandan is sure to put his skill for a lot more films. Kulothungan Udayakumar and Durga Venugopal in the roles of a couple managing a school are natural and diligent with their acting.
Kuttram Kadithal is a riveting, soulful, impactful piece of art that deserves all our undivided attention.
Can we go for a movie? Can we watch a film now? See what these two sentences evoke. The term ‘Film’ is a lot more aesthetic and more serious. Kuttram Kadithal is one such film which doesn’t while away 2 hours of your time. It tells you how you should spend the rest of the hours left to live.


Verdict: Please watch Kuttram Kadithal!
( 3.5 / 5.0 )


Kuttram Kadithal (aka) Kutram Kadithal

Kuttram Kadithal (aka) Kutram Kadithal is a Tamil movie with production by Christy Siluvappan, J.Sathish Kumar, direction by Bramma.G, cinematography by Manikandan D.F.Tech, editing by CS Prem. The cast of Kuttram Kadithal (aka) Kutram Kadithal includes Master Ajay, Pavel Navageethan, Radhika Prasidhha, Sai Rajkumar.