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JSK Satish sets an example in anti-piracy ...

JSK Satish sets an example in anti-piracy

Dec 26, 2014

'JSK' Satish is not just a producer who pumps in money to make quality films. He is a genuine lover of the art-form and the industry he belongs to. A dutiful producer's responsibility is much more than just signing the cheques.

Recently, JSK Satish had his own action block when he visited a private hotel at the Trichy highway. He had gone in and was completely surprised to find new Tamil film pirated CDs and DVDs sold at the hotel's reception counter.
He immediately contacted the local police and lodged a complaint. Officials arrived at the spot and took some prompt action. Kudos to the producer's effort.

Sir? You are setting an example. We wish piracy can be curtailed to the fullest.


JSK Satish sets an example in anti-piracy ...

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