Release Date : Apr 17,2015
Kanchana 2 (aka) Muni 3 review

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Production: Bellamkonda Suresh
Cast: Kovai Sarala, Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu
Direction: Raghava Lawrence
Screenplay: Raghava Lawrence
Story: Raghava Lawrence
Music: Ashwamithra, Leon James, Sathya, SS Thaman
Background score: SS Thaman
Cinematography: Rajavel Olhiveeran
Editing: Kishore
Looks like Raghava Lawrence, who tasted success with the earlier versions of his horror comedy, Muni franchise has returned with full vigor and confidence aiming for box office glory yet again. Has he done it again is the big question now?
Horror Comedy is not a new genre by any means - Chandramukhi being one among the first Tamil horror comedy flicks that went on to make it big. But one should say it was Lawrence who took the genre to a league of its own and it is currently the most sought after genres of K-Town; thanks to Muni and Kanchana 1. Because only after Kanchana, people started adoring films of such kind and we have seen the industry welcoming more such films.
Spooks, thrills and entertainment are rest assured along with a flashback in films like Kanchana but how entertaining is it, is all that matters. The core theme of the film looks pretty much the same as its predecessors and like how Lawrence managed to slip in some useful social messages through his earlier films, he has managed to knot one or two useful social messages along with the narration.
Unlike the previous versions, this film is filled with more horrifying moments which only adds flavor to the film. The comedies are perhaps the highlight of the film, but it feels some of the slapstick comedy sequences looks repetitive. Nevertheless, people would still laugh their heart out, thanks to Kovai Sarala’s brilliant comical chemistry with Lawrence and the expression oriented performances of Mano Bala, Sriman and Mayilsamy especially in the first half.
Lawrence as an actor has improved so much compared to his earlier films - his interesting introduction block kicking off with an array of boneless dance moves is a treat to watch. His comedy timing looks impeccable while he also scores high with fierce power packed punch lines.
Let aside the logical loopholes; in fact, it is not fair to look for sanity in such films, the film keeps you at bay right through. Looks like Lawrence has mastered the genre, so well that he knows how to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. His creative imagination has made this film different from the usual horror comedy films. Editor Kishore has to be credited for his cuts, which enhanced the overall film’s pace, however a weak flashback sequence and a pretty less gripping climax pushes the film to the slower side. 
Vaaya Veera is easily the best number of the lot and Taapsee looks too hot to handle in the song. BGM was more functional but suited the mood, the scary female hum which Thaman has placed at critical points of the film makes an impact.
Though the CGI work in the film’s climax looks slightly unconvincing, Rajavel Olhiveeran has coped all the falls up with some glossy visuals and massy scenes in between, making the overall production value look cool.
Verdict: Chills, comedy and entertainment guaranteed.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Kanchana 2 (aka) Muni 3

Kanchana 2 (aka) Muni 3 is a Tamil movie with production by Bellamkonda Suresh, direction by Raghava Lawrence, cinematography by Rajavel Olhiveeran, editing by Kishore. The cast of Kanchana 2 (aka) Muni 3 includes Kovai Sarala, Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu.