Release Date : Mar 13,2015
Ivanukku Thannila Gandam (aka) Ivanuku Thanila Gandam review

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Production: V Venkatraj
Cast: Deepak, Kumaravel, Mano Bala, MS Baskar, Neha, Sentrayan
Direction: SN Sakthevel
Screenplay: SN Sakthevel
Story: SN Sakthevel
Music: A7
Background score: A7
Yet another week, yet another comedy film! Deepak Dinakar plays the male lead in this humor flick that is christened as Ivanuku Thannila Gandam (ITG) and is directed by SN Sakthivel and produced by V. Venkatraj of VVR Cine Mask. March is known to be the season of sleeper hits; will ITG make its way into the list?
A television anchor by profession, who goes by the name of Saravanan (Deepak), has the urge to be preeminent in the television world. But life only offers disappointment in every stride he makes, which makes him an underachiever. How one particular meeting changes the proceedings of his life and what follows next is what ITG is all about. Though the plot looks a little intense and deep, its narrative style is light and customary.
Deepak, who is making a career transformation from an anchor/soap opera actor to a film hero, keeps it simple and plays to his strength.
Technicalities of filmmaking in ITG are pretty functional and offer what the script demands of. Newbie Neha plays the female lead while the supporting cast includes the likes of Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Kumaravel, Sendrayen, Mano Bala, MS Baskar, Lollu Saba Swaminathan etc. Though it is not a movie that is driven by acting, each of them has done his / her bit quite convincingly.
The first half of the film takes its time to settle down. Be it the poster or the trailer of the film, Naan Kaduval Rajendran is the selling point for the movie. Though he comes only in the second half of the movie, he surprises people yet again with his uncanny screen presence and comical dialogues. Although none of his comedies make sense, they for sure leave a smile on your face. Unmistakably, his role is the highpoint of the film and only post his entry the film picks up pace.
Overall, if you go with an open mind and if you are okay seeing a harmless comedy film, ITG will be a decent watch.
Verdict: A harmless comedy film which works well post Rajendran’s entry!
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Ivanukku Thannila Gandam (aka) Ivanuku Thanila Gandam

Ivanukku Thannila Gandam (aka) Ivanuku Thanila Gandam is a Tamil movie with production by V Venkatraj, direction by SN Sakthevel. The cast of Ivanukku Thannila Gandam (aka) Ivanuku Thanila Gandam includes Deepak, Kumaravel, Mano Bala, MS Baskar, Neha, Sentrayan.