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''I aspire to direct Kamal Sir'', Moodar Koodam Naveen
Published Date:
Sep 17, 2013

The director of Moodar Koodam, Naveen, is a content man and he expressed his happiness over the response to his movie to our Behindwoods Correspondent.

"The movie has won a lot of critical acclaim and many directors, producers and technicians have appreciated my work. After the low-key first day at the box-office, the film has picked up very well in A centers and also in mofussil centers. The word of mouth for the movie is really positive and am very happy about this."

When asked about the comparisons to Soodhu Kavvum, he said

"My movie's first copy was ready by November 2012 and I wasn't even aware about a movie called Soodhu Kavvum, back then. We were planning to release the movie in December 2012 but due to some logistical delays, the movie got pushed."

About his future plans, the director spoke with a lot of passion

"My script will decide the artists and not the other way around. Script is King for me and like all other aspiring directors, I also wish to direct Kamal Sir. My next would be an action packed stylish entertainer without bordering on 'masala'. But, I have to first come out of Moodar Koodam and then only will start work on my next. But, I already have 2 to 3 scripts ready in hand and plan to begin work on the action based script next"

On his mode of working, Naveen says

"I spend a lot of time on preproduction, planning and once my film gets into production, money and time are involved and I can't afford wastage."

We are eager to see what Naveen comes up with next and so are the audience.



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