Release Date : Nov 07,2014
Jaihind 2 (aka) Jaihind 2 review

Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Arjun
Cast: Arjun, Simran Kapoor, Surveen Chawla
Direction: Arjun
Screenplay: Arjun
Story: Arjun
Music: Arjun Jeniya
Background score: Arjun Jeniya
Cinematography: HC Venugopal
Dialogues: GK Gopinath
Editing: KK
Stunt choreography: Gaju, Powerstar Babu
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Raju Sundaram
Although this Arjun directorial is advertised as the sequel of the much popular Jai Hind of 1994, the current story has no connection with its predecessor but for sharing the basic fulcrum which is the love for nation that the Action King is quite famous for. 
In Jai Hind 2 written and directed by Arjun, he takes on a very topical theme, education for all irrespective of the social strata. While the earlier film was a concoction of the masala ingredients of a commercial fare, Jai Hind 2 gets very serious and preachy, in the process failing to sustain the attention of the audience.   
The film opens with five characters and Arjun attempts to tell their stories. By the time the introduction of two characters are done with, viewers lose patience. 
In one of the stories which actually act as the trigger for the entire film, a couple belonging to a very poor family is shown rejoicing as their daughter gets admission into a very prestigious school. But the problem is they cannot pay the exorbitant fees. The family tries their best but in vain. This incident snowballs into something very serious that brings Arjun in to the thick of things. The film rightfully begins here. 
All those ensuing incidents could have been dealt with in an interesting fashion but sadly it is not so. The film moves into a preachy mode whenever Arjun mouths exhaustive statistics in a heavy verbose format. The important press meet, besides giving out the objective of the film, also renders the film a ‘docu’ shade.
Jai Hind 2 travels on a very predictable path and the writing is quite disjointed. There is plenty of melodrama which gives the film a tonality of 80s. Bhramanandam episodes obviously included for the Telugu audience (Jai Hind2 is a trilingual) don’t gel well but evoke occasional chuckle.
The major plus in the film is Arjun. For all those who expect the action king’s power packed fight sequences, there are quite plenty in Jai Hind 2. The well choreographed action sequences showcase the actor’s chiseled body and his forceful kicks, the London segment is one example of that. The song ‘Ivan Yaarivan’ is a forced one that does not warrant its place at all.
But for Arjun, Manobala and Mayilsamy and to some extent, heroine Surveen Chawla, the rest of the cast gives a feel of watching a dubbed film with ‘non’ native artists. Lip sync in few places is also not in place. 
The theme of education for all is quite relevant at the time of ‘Right to Education', but had it been executed well, Jai Hind 2 would have worked well.
Verdict: Lofty ambitions, poor execution
( 1.75 / 5.0 )


Jaihind 2 (aka) Jaihind 2

Jaihind 2 (aka) Jaihind 2 is a Tamil movie with production by Arjun, direction by Arjun, cinematography by HC Venugopal, editing by KK. The cast of Jaihind 2 (aka) Jaihind 2 includes Arjun, Simran Kapoor, Surveen Chawla.