Release Date : Mar 06,2015
Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan review

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Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment
Cast: Ajay Ratnam, Deepa Sannidhi, John Vijay, Naren, Siddharth, Srushti Dange
Direction: Prasath Ramar
Screenplay: Prasath Ramar
Story: Pawan Kumar
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Background score: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Dialogues: Prasath Ramar
Editing: Leo John Paul
Art direction: Vijay Adhinathan
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
PRO: Nikkil
Distribution: Dream Factory
Enakkul Oruvan is a genuine retake of the masterpiece Lucia, a crowd funded Kannada film by Pawan Kumar, which went onto bring back some glory for the Kannada cinema industry. The co-writer of the film Pizza, Prasath Ramar, is given the responsibility of shrinking the really thick story of Lucia to the Tamil audience.
The basic intention behind a remake is to take the original story to another set of audience. Enakkul Oruvan is a psychological thriller with little bit of fantasy sprinkled to add some spice. Bradley Cooper’s Limitless has a similar idea, but Enakkul Oruvan is smarter. The new-wave producers like CV Kumar, Varun Manian, YNot Sashi and Abinesh Elangovan have joined hands to give life to a genius-story with uncompromising logical connections and scientific validation.
The dichotomy as a deprived loser and a Superstar is neatly and aptly enacted by Siddharth. What on Earth does he do to stay young and look smart, is as creepy as 'Lucia' itself. Siddharth's conscious decision to take up Tamil films on a regular basis is welcoming. The effort that has gone into making him darker and sound naive is a good move.
Deepa Sannidhi can shed tears and also inhibitions. She is bound to go a little higher in her career. Her acting is matured and considering her looks, she can do it all. The variety she gets to enjoy in the film proves her mettle. The quintessential cast of C.V.Kumar's films - Aadukalam Naren, Ramadoss and Ajay Rathnam are functional and acceptable.
Special credits to the direction team for having retained the sanctity of the original and to have made the film really easy to comprehend and interpret. The way the intricacies in the story get to unfold is a true delight to watch. Leo John Paul's cuts in the Prabhalamagavey song are top-notch but he could have been ruthless on the edges to have given a sharper film in the end. Gopi Amarnath's photography takes us on a ride of highs and duds to carry the actual intention of the story. Wouldn't it be a blunder to leave out the rock-star Santhosh Narayanan and his music from being mentioned? All his songs are an enchantment to the film and his explorative BGM does kindle us.
By not comparing the original and looking at it as a separate film, this version is definitely a palpable attempt. Enakkul Oruvan would have been better with a rock-solid narration and a hard-hitting screenplay. The story's vision lacks the intensity and the focus. If the pace of the movie had also chipped in, Enakkul Oruvan would have got the right essence of unveiling the conflict between dream and reality.
Enakkul Oruvan isn't a remake which is done just for the sake of it, but you will feel that there could have been more to it.

Verdict: With a lucid screenplay, Lucia-remake could have been better
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan

Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan is a Tamil movie with production by Thirukumaran Entertainment, direction by Prasath Ramar, cinematography by Gopi Amarnath, editing by Leo John Paul. The cast of Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan includes Ajay Ratnam, Deepa Sannidhi, John Vijay, Naren, Siddharth, Srushti Dange.