Release Date : Nov 28,2014
Aaaah (aka) Aaaah review

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Production: Shankar Bros
Cast: Ambuli Gokulnath, Bala, Bosskey, Meghna, MS Bhaskar, Simha
Direction: Haresh, Hari
Screenplay: Haresh, Hari
Story: Haresh, Hari
Music: K Venakt Prabhu Shankar
Background score: Sam CS
Cinematography: Satish G
Editing: Hari Shankar
Art direction: Logu
Stunt choreography: Ramesh T
Dance choreography: Sandy
Aaaah is a full-fledged horror film, a tried and tested genre in Tamil cinema. There have been numerous films on this theme in the past and there will be many more, but the whole conceptualization of Aaaah looks different.  After a successful scientific thriller, Ambuli, which still remains the only full-length live action 3D film to be made in Tamil, directors Hari and Haresh are back together to make the first ever horror anthology movie in Tamil.
The story line looks pretty simple, a bet on existence of ghost which leads to five different adventure rides all capsuled in 138 minutes. Each adventure ride looks like an individual short film, though that is exactly how the directors want it to be.
Unlike any other recent horror films that were more dependent on the comedy quotient, Aaaah is more horror centric with couple of well scripted terrifying scenes that will keep the audience at bay. 
Bobby Simha brings in the face value for the film but he does not have a meaty role to prove himself. “Ambuli” Gokulnath plays the male lead in the film. Unlike the normal run of the mill movies, the hero here does not have a lady love which looks unique, however the hero seems to have underplayed his role throughout.
Balasaravanan has been given a prominent role after ‘Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum’ which travels from the scratch to the finish. He probably is the pick of the actors who scores high with his simple and subtle expressions. Other notable actors like Bosskey and M.S. Baskar have played their small stint at screen with ease and élan.
One of the most important facets of any horror film is the music, which helps the narration and increases the fear level and tension. Sam CS scores the music for Aaah and is pretty competent. 
Considering the budget constraints in mind, the directors’ effort to bring in the concept of horror anthology into the foray of Tamil cinema is laudable. Probably with better production values the movie could have worked even better. The fifth episode being the climax episode, becomes a little over the top, compared to the other four and this doesn’t help the movie finish off as well as it was built up initially.
Verdict: A good attempt at horror anthology which could have been better
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Aaaah (aka) Aaaah

Aaaah (aka) Aaaah is a Tamil movie with production by Shankar Bros, direction by Haresh, Hari, cinematography by Satish G, editing by Hari Shankar. The cast of Aaaah (aka) Aaaah includes Ambuli Gokulnath, Bala, Bosskey, Meghna, MS Bhaskar, Simha.