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That conversation between Mysskin and Bala!

That conversation between Mysskin and Bala regarding Pisasu!

Nov 26, 2014
In a recent event, Mysskin shared an interesting conversation that happened between him and director Bala, who is producing his upcoming Pisasu. 
Bala: Have 3 songs in Pisasu.
Mysskin (a little angry, because he is asked to compromise): Well, if you insist, I will have 5 songs.

Bala (understandingly): No offence da. I asked just to sell the movie better.

Mysskin: I get it. But, see, my movie has situation for just one song. Anything more than that will be a compromise.

Bala: It's alright. Leave it there. Don't give in. I see your passion. We will just have one song. 
Reportedly, Pisasu will release in the last week of December.


That conversation between Mysskin and Bala!

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