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12 hour long marathon effort by Simbu ...

12 hour long marathon effort by Simbu

Nov 25, 2014

Simbu’s Vaalu is all set to hit the screen on the 24th of December. The 'Young Superstar' was recently spotted wielding the microphone for dubbing for his portions in Vaalu. We hear that the charismatic hero was on a 12 hour long dubbing marathon last weekend for the 2nd half portions of Vaalu, from night 10.30 PM to the next day morning 10.30 AM.


Simbu did all this, as soon as possible, to enthral his fans coming December with a long-pending treat. Santhanam also plays an important part in Vaalu and the busy actor will be working for a day or two from November 26th, to complete some pending patchworks.


12 hour long marathon effort by Simbu ...

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