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The follow-up to Mynaa and Saattai ...

The follow-up to Mynaa and Saattai

Nov 25, 2014
Among the many releases this coming Friday, is Mosakutty directed by cameraman turned filmmaker Jeevan, who earlier directed Mayilu. The film stars Veera and Mahima (of Saattai fame) in the lead roles with Pasupathy, Joe Malloori and Sendrayan in important support roles. Veera is interestingly a doctor turned actor with proper training in the theater space. This would be his first film appearance and he got selected after a round of auditions.
Mosakutty is an action - love story targeted at the family audiences and has been shot in Madurai and Kerala. Interestingly, the locations in Kerala which we saw in Mynaa would be seen in Mosakutty as well. 
The film comprises a strong technical team in the form of DoP Sukumar, editor Anthony, composer Ramesh Vinayagam and art director Prabhakar. John Max of Shalom Studios, the makers of Mynaa and Saattai, have funded Mosakutty. The film would have 5 songs in all, with one of them being the title track.
The film's run time is a crisp 1 hour 52 mins and SPI Cinemas would be releasing it in Chennai city. Impala Cinemas takes care of the release in the other areas and the film would hit more than 200 screens totally in TN.


The follow-up to Mynaa and Saattai ...

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