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Aaaah is the makers of Ambuli 3D's next

It is 'Aaaah' time ...

May 12, 2014

When Ambuli 3D directed by Hari and Haresh came in 2012, it was much talked about for its content and technical expertise. It was also the first stereoscopic 3D film in Tamil.


The team is now ready with their next titled 'Aaaah' which is said to be the first Tamil horror anthology film that is about three friends trying to prove the paranormal activity. The team states that the story happens in five different terrains and each segment happens in Japan, Dubai, Midsea (Bay of Bengal), Andhra highway and a remote part in Tamil Nadu.


The film features Ambuli Gokulnath, Simhaa, Bosskey, M S Bhaskar, Meghna and Bala. It is produced under the banner of KTVR Creative Frames. Satish G is the cinematographer while Venkat Prabhu Shankar scores music.


Aaaah is the makers of Ambuli 3D's next

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