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Album Release Date : Sep 11,2014
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Production: The Next Big Film , The Show People , Vishal Film Factory
Cast: Sri Divya, Vishnu Vishal
Direction: Suseenthiran
Screenplay: Suseenthiran
Story: Suseenthiran
Music: D. Imman
Background score: D. Imman
Cinematography: R Madhi
Dialogues: Santhosh
Editing: Anthony L. Ruben
Art direction: CS Anandhan
Dance choreography: Shobi
Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Vairamuthu
PRO: Jhonson

Jeeva, starring Vishnu Vishal and Sridivya in the lead, is an upcoming film based on cricket . The music for this Suseethiran directorial is taken care by D.Imman

Ovvondrai Thirudugirai
Singers: Bhavya Pandit, Karthik
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

The acoustic drums add a different feel, but the music director's recent obsession with violin makes the interludes a little regular. A hit melody with some Carnatic influence. The guitars, saxophone and beautiful singing give a reminiscing tune here. 

Oru Rosa
Singers: A.V.Pooja, Anthonydasan
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Anthony Daasan is a talent powerhouse. His overwhelming folk voice is treated nice here. The obvious slacking by the bass-guitarist, trumpet sessions, gypsy type playing of the acoustic guitars and the sudden congo all work out just fine. 

Oruthi Melle
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, El Fe Choir
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The beautiful opera singing welcomes us into this cappella style song, accentuated by mouth organ and guitar. Abhay's silky voice substantiated by the chorus is total experimentation, taking us to the epic Ilayaraja days.

Sangi Mangi
Singers: Malavika, Nivas, Tha Mystro
Lyrics: Kabilan Vairamuthu

A track that has lots to offer, from folk to rock to everything, but better opening lyrics would've made the song even catchier. Perhaps a change in the rhythm programming would also have helped

Yenge Ponai
Singers: S.P.Balasubramaniam
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

This could be an emotionally disturbing song in terms of treatment and instrumentation, because of the shades of raaga panthuvarali. SPB's voice, the lingering veena and the slow rhythms can make you cry. A situation song sensibly orchestrated. 

Netru Naan
Singers: Sathyaprakash
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

A very nice bit song. The flamboyant guitarist gives the soul to it. Alas, this one is short !     

Verdict: Imman delivers another strong album
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Jeeva (aka) Jeeva

Jeeva (aka) Jeeva is a Tamil movie with production by The Next Big Film , The Show People , Vishal Film Factory, direction by Suseenthiran, cinematography by R Madhi, editing by Anthony L. Ruben. The cast of Jeeva (aka) Jeeva includes Sri Divya, Vishnu Vishal.