I always wanted to pull Imman sir's cheeks- Says, Priya Anand ! - Event Story

Aug 27, 2014
I always wanted to pull Imman sir's cheeks- Says, Priya Anand !

'Oru Oorla Rendu Raja' audio launch was equally star studded and for a change, engaging, fun and interesting. Best part of such events are, getting to have access on less known trivia during shoots. There were lots of laughter moments than celebrities praising about the movie and the audio launch. 


Producer Micheal- Also the producer of the event, the money-man behind Oru oorla rendu raja, formally invited the esteemed guests, general audience and the media of course. Dressed like a corporate official, he kick-started the event with this, 'Hello to all. We will repeat the Nadodigal success with Oru oorla rendu raja. It's a fun film with all essential, commercial elements laced with humor, emotions, fight sequences and some content as well, to offer. Kannan is a delight to work with. This movie will win your hearts. Please support ! Thank you all for coming ! 


Lyricist Yugabharathi-  'Vemal plays a KD in films, but today with the attire he has tried, he looks like MODI. After seeing the visuals of Soori dance, everybody seem to be exasperating me by asking, its Soori(ya) ? I wish Soori to become as big as actor Suriya. Imman is my favourite composer and I love writing for his songs. Kannan and me date back to almost 17 years long friendship. Working with him is just like going to meet my dear friend. For your kind information, there is another newbie lyricist, Mr. Eknath who has come from the journalism background and is testing the cinema waters. Please do encourage and support him. Thank you all. 

Comedian Singamuthu- 'I know this film will fare well. I do a role named 'Rayil paravai'. Somebody who never buys tickets to commute. He does all the pep talk to get a peg of alcohol. That's the character I play in this movie. Watching Priya Anand and Vishaka Singh perform in the songs, it has disturbed me. Their oozing glamour has made me forgot my age. All the best to the team'. 


Vishnu Vishal- 'There was a trend, when the lead pairs were talked of their chemistry. Then came in the chemistry between the hero and the comedian. Now the recent trend is, the much talked about chemistry among the heroines and the comedian. Soori and me are working together in a movie now. He has been constantly asking me about body building, dieting and getting in shape. He was even asking me about specialized gym equipments. I was wondering what he's actually up to. After seeing the visuals, I think, there is a potential hero in him, that could give a run for big heroes. And it is Soori's birthday today, so a very happy birthday to you, Soori brother'.


Vijay Sethupathi- 'Soori and I acted together in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. He had become a big star and I was just doing minor roles. I thought I could keep up some distance with him, since he'd moved on to a bigger position in the industry. But he never  was and is. He's still the same. I wish him all success. I was working as an accountant with koothupattarai and Vemal was a superstar there. He could reprise any role with ease. I feel that, he hasn't given his best yet. Vemal brother ? I wish you to do lot more variety. Imman sir ? Your music is omnipresent now. At remote villages, people recognize me only by recalling the kooda mela kooda vechu song. Your setting a trend. All the very best. All the best to the team also. Thanks'.


Siva Karthikeyan- 'Vemal sir has a very important role in my life. When I did the anchoring for Vaagai Sooda Va, that's when Pandiraj sir saw an actor in me and gave me the Marina chance. So my cinematic head start is only because of Vemal sir. Only after pairing up with him in Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, people saw a bankable star in me. I'm obliged to him. This film with Soori also being part of it will be a laugh riot. I see a successful film, already. The illustrious heroines, Priya Anand, Vishaka Singh and Iniya are adding an edge to this commercial entertainer. All the best to you all'.       


Soori-' Manobala sir referred to me as 'Nadana Sooravali' sometime back. You people have no clue, what I had to go through. There was a step when I had to stand behind Vemal. He'll kick like an angry horse, that's the dance routine. I got kicked and I just couldn't move. Thanks to Kalyan master and Brindha master to have made me dance. The action sequences are even worse and I'm surprised about being alive. Today might be my birthday, but the day Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu released is what I consider to be my birthday. My mother-like Suseenthiran brother showed the actor in me to this world. I'm ever thankful to him. My brother Vemal has literally shared the crown with me. No hero will do this. That's why the title is Oru oorla RENDU raja. Kannan brother ? I love you for, giving me such a role. There were days, when the cake itself shouted at me, for taking it from an air conditioned shop to a dirty place and cut the cake with a rusty knife. But now, all you greats are wishing me and I'm capable of buying the costliest cake. Cinema has given me much more than what I deserve. Please support this movie'.


Priya Anand- 'Fabulously dressed, the beautiful Priya started with this, "Bujju kutti, ammu kutti, jaangreee'. Wonder why ? It has been Priya Anand's long time desire to get hold of Imman's chubby cheeks and she ended up doing it. She says,' Like every other film I'm part of, OORR never was. I had total fun and also learnt so much about the craft as such. Kannan sir is so much fun to work with. Paring up with talented actors like Vemal and Soori was a different experience. I signed this movie only on one condition, director Kannan should give me a song like the one Bhavana had in Jeyam Kondan. He did keep up his word and I loved being part of such a lovely song from Imman sir. Wait for us, we're going to entertain you all for sure'.

Vemal- 'I'm always accused of being quite, uninterested and mum at functions like these. So I called up Siva Karthikeyan and Soori to know more about addressing such gatherings. Soori said, 'Bother ? Just go with the flow. Trying keeping it blank. I'm already blank about all this and he's asking me to maintain it. This film should be a hat-trick victory for me. We've made it a point to keep the film engaging throughout. Please support us. Desingu Raja, Manja Pai and now OORR. i have never stepped into Imman's studio and that's why he's been making brilliant music. Thanks to for him giving such amazing songs.


D. Imman- 'Praise the lord. I make it a point to give probable hits to film makers when they brief the situation. I'm probably the only music director, who prefers composing within the studio. Kanna sir requested for us to go to ECR, but I didn't prefer. But when I asked for a studio at Mumbai for mixing, director refused for cost cutting. Kanna sir is such a person who never hinders the producer. I enjoyed working for this film and I hope you too do. Thanks for coming'.  


Director Kannan- 'I know it's getting late. Now see how I finish it in 2 minutes. Without Micheal sir, I could have never imagined of such a travel based script that moves from one place to another, always. This film has lots more to offer than just songs and comedy. People keep praising me of finishing movies within the budget, on time. It was my guru Mabnobala sir who helped me join Mani sir. Anything that I do are the values I learn from them. All the artists in this film are a huge plus. Thanks to Imman sir for giving us a nice start. Support us'.        


This is what that precisely happened ! 



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