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Tirupur Subramaniam clarifies about his stand on the TFPC strike

For the past few days, there have been constant talks about the strike in the Tamil film industry, which has been called by the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council demanding better tax benefits to the producers. The proposed strike faced a setback when the Theatre Owners Association and the Distributor Association backed out of this. Regarding this, the leading distributor in the Coimbatore region, Tirupur Subramaniam has given out a statement through a Whatsapp audio.


In the declaration, he clarified many matters relating to the strike and how it will have an effect on the distributors and theater owners across the state. He said, ‘’The Producers Council needs to understand that we are in no way going against them and opposing their decision to call the strike. What they need to understand is that, before you exercise your right to call a strike, you can at least consult the other councils like the exhibitor’s council, theater associations, distributor’s council, etc. We are all majorly affected by this, and we will justify it to you as to why you shouldn’t take this decision. Whatever the matter of concern is, we usually make the decisions after consulting all the councils involved. We have to slowly take it to the government and hold a few discussions before taking a stand.


I heard from a close friend in Karnataka that there was a strike in their industry at the time actor Rajkumar was kidnapped by Veerappan. The strike went on for 60 days, and after that, it took them over eight months to get some collections from the films that released. The theaters did not receive any revenue, nor did the movies. A whole year was wasted due to a strike. After hearing all this, I would advise you not to call a strike. This doesn’t mean we are opposing anybody. We have no intentions of going against the Producers Council. I don’t want you to misunderstand us.’’

Tirupur Subramaniam clarifies about his stand on the TFPC strike

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