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Vishal's demand to the state government for Tamil industry's betterment

The Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council has come up with its requirements and expectations from the State Government. The requirements are as follows:


1. It's the right time to bring in a change for all theatre fares/payments. More changes based on theatre locations, facilities to fans during festival and weekend special payments can be considered by the state government.


2. Requesting to have a special police wing with minimum 1000 police across the state to work against piracy. The current team which is only 96 members isn't enough.


3. State Government should permit an anti-piracy wing within the Film Industry to fight against piracy.


4. Cable TV operators headed by the Government and a few private television channels use our
content completely and in parts or scenes and songs 24 hours a day. We want state government's help to completely shut them down.


5. Movies played in travels [Bus] without proper permissions/licenses, should be awarded severe punishments like canceling their licenses.


6. If 2 theatres/screens are built in the same place, they have to be considered under Multiplex category.


7. The approval process to renovate old theatre premises into multiple small screens complex needs to be simplified.


8. Mini theatres need to be set up by the government for the benefit of the Film Industry, which has worked well in Telangana State. Further, the permissions to built or renovate theatres need to be simplified.

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Vishal's demand to the state government for Tamil industry's betterment

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