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Aamir Khan shares his favorite Sachin Tendulkar moment

Mr. Perfect of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, has put up a video on his Twitter handle expressing his feelings about Sachin Tendulkar's upcoming film, Sachin: A Billion Dreams. The film is all set to release worldwide on 26th of May, which is next Friday. To his video, Aamir added a caption that read, ''.@sachin_rt, Here's to your 101st century. Break a leg! #SachinABillionDreams #7DaysToSachin Love.a.''.

In the video, Aamir seems to be genuinely excited for the film's release, and he also shares a cherishable memory from the days of Lagaan. He said, ''Well, just seven days to go for the release of the Sachin's film, Sachin: A Billion Dreams and I'm excited to watch the movie. Let me share my favorite Sachin moment with you. You know how we are huge fans of Sachin, I most definitely am. When he goes out to play, I'm most excited, when he hits a four or a six, we are thrilled, when he gets out we get upset, and when he's bowling, we appeal before even he does. So my favorite moment was when he came to see Lagaan.

The screening was at Rajkamal Studio, and there was a small window, and I was watching the film from the window. He was watching the film while I was watching him. When the cricket started, he got really excited. I was smiling at how excited he was getting. When the first British wicket fell in the movie, there would be a run-out and the moment the ball hit the wickets, Sachin just immediately stood up and appealed. When I saw that, I was awestruck.

It was unreal for me to see him cheer for me and get engrossed in a match that I'm playing. It is the most memorable moment for me with Sachin. It was the first, and the last time Sachin would cheer for me playing cricket. It is something I'd never forget, and it is etched in my memory. All the best Sachin! Lots of love!''

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Aamir Khan shares his favorite Sachin Tendulkar moment

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