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Director Hansal Mehta responds to Apurva Asrani

We had reported about the credits taking issue related to a Hindi film Simran starring Kangana Ranaut and directed by Hansal Mehta. Writer Apurva Asrani had accused in his FB page that Kangana had taken the wrong credits for the ‘additional dialogue and story’ for the film whereas it is his work that had been discredited. He had also requested the director to show some spine. 


Responding to this, director Hansal Mehta in his Twitter page states, “Yes I am guilty. Guilty of crediting individuals who contribute to making my films very special to many of us. And yes I will be guilty. Not once more. But a thousand times over. Call me names, as many names as you want. B. in your desperation to seek attention and gain sympathy do not try to harm my film. My spine is whatever it is, weak or strong, it is only for my film and nothing else. If I chose to not speak it is for my film. And when I do speak it will only be in service of my film - not driven by any blackmail or any noise on social media where dignity is perceived as weakness and conversation is replaced by allegation. I don't owe anybody an explanation except to those colleagues who work with love, respect and are genuine stakeholders in our efforts to make films. And some free advice to those that jump the gun just to be relevant- go get a life. Do some work that you can genuinely own. Endure the pain that comes with making an entire film and make that journey on your own. Then go give yourself all the credits in the world...”


*Hansal's tweet is not spell-checked

Director Hansal Mehta responds to Apurva Asrani

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