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Distributor Tirupur Subramaniam opens about how big hero films like Kabali and Bairavaa have performed in Tamil Nadu

A couple of days ago, there were reports saying that distributors have apparently given a red card to all big hero films. Then those reports were claimed to be false. To gain more inputs on what the distributors have decided, we got in touch with one of the most experienced distributors in Tamil Nadu, Tiruppur Subramaniam for an extensive interview. 

“Let’s forget about the past. Starting from Kabali to Thodari, Kodi, Kaashmora, Bogan, Bairavaa and Singam 3, these are big hero films that have been released over the past 8 months; all these films were at least a 25 to 50% loss to the distributors.

But the producers do not reveal the true facts about their film’s box office outcome. Say for example Thanu’s Kabali, you would have seen advertisements for the film saying 50 days, 100 days or even 200 days in Mani Impala theatre in Madurai. Do you really think that Kabali had a successful run in theatres for 200 days? Definitely not.

To be more precise, if you come out of Chennai city, no movie runs for more than 3 weeks. Even in Chennai city, the distributors forcefully screen a film to satisfy these big heroes. Because the hero is located in Chennai and when he wakes up in the morning, he wants to see the posters of Bairavaa. So these producers advertise for a big star film for 100 days and cheat the audience. But these bogus advertisements camouflage the reality from the eyes of all these big heroes. They do not know what their actual market is.

If Rajinikanth had known that Kabali was a failure, he wouldn’t have given his call sheet again to Ranjith. But what Thanu tells Rajini sir is that Kabali ran for 200 days and had collected more than any other films in India. Rajinikanth is a parrot locked inside a golden cage and none of us could explain him the real trade facts about his films.

This was not the case back in those days. Rajinikanth used to call us and inquire about how the film was performing and even asked us for suggestions. But, the past two years, he has been avoiding us. As a result, he gets misled by his producers.

We have not given any red card to all these actors. Distributor Federation will not stop anyone from acquiring any big hero's films or stop the screening of any film. But if these 7 big heroes do a film, let them release it on their own. Only then they will know the real collection of a film. They can hold a success party then. These actors are wealthy enough to distribute their films on their own all over Tamil Nadu.

We are not stopping anyone from buying a film but, no one from the Federation is ready to buy. If none of us buy, the actors have no option but to release it by themselves. The actors could enjoy the so-called 300 crores all by themselves. Kabali hero, Bairavaa hero, Kodi hero, Kaashmora hero, Singam 3 hero, Bogan hero can release their films on their own to know the actual facts. Earn a lot and celebrate your success. This is our decision."

Distributor Tirupur Subramaniam opens about how big hero films like Kabali and Bairavaa have performed in Tamil Nadu

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