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Is Ranjith directing a sequel of Kabali with Rajinikanth or not?

Dhanush made a very big announcement last night (29th of August ) that he will be producing Superstar Rajinikanth’s next film under the direction of Ranjith, after Shankar's 2.0.

The one question that many of us are waiting to know is that will it be the sequel of Kabali or will it be a fresh script altogether? It must be noted that Kabali had an open-ended climax with a gunshot at the end. So there is still a room to make a sequel out of it. But if it is a sequel, why didn't they disclose that along with the announcement?

We predict that since Kabali was produced by a different banner, a new maker could use the title only after signing a formal agreement with the actual producer. Films like Enthiran and Singam franchises had to undergo a title change due to the change in the makers. So will Kabali have a similar fate?

Or is Ranjith planning to do a different script for Rajinikanth? Social media have been buzzing nonstop about this hot news since last night. But if there is one interesting thing that you can learn from the social media trends is that majority of the audience wants Ranjith to make a fresh subject for Rajinikanth and not the sequel of Kabali.

Let us wait and see what Ranjith has in store for us this time!

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Is Ranjith directing a sequel of Kabali with Rajinikanth or not?

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