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RK Selvamani request producers and actors to shoot their films in Tami Nadu

The Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) President RK Selvamani while addressing the media today requested all the producers and actors to shoot their films in Tamil Nadu unless until it is absolutely necessary to shoot elsewhere.

RK Selvamani - "FEFSI union have given a lot of discounts to various producers in the recent times. We provided those discounts assuming, it will be beneficial to the industry which in return will create more work opportunities for FEFSI workers. But what's happening now is, Tamil films are being shot entirely outside Tamil Nadu which is reducing our work opportunities.

Kaala was shot in Chennai in a set worth 12 crores. Close to 10,000 workers were kept occupied to make a massive set as such. Not just the cinema industry, even transportation sector and hotel industries were remunerative for 6 months because of Kaala. 

But Ajith's Viswasam team has created a set in EVP Filmcity, Hyderabad. Previously, when a producer decides to shoot their film in other states, there used to be some solid reasons. But just for someone's convenience, they shouldn't shoot an entire film in another state especially when we have so many studios in Chennai.

We are not compelling producers to shoot only in Tamil Nadu, you can obviously shoot abroad or elsewhere if you find a location attractive or suitable for your film but just to re-create a place like Chennai or to re-create a place like Tirunelveli, please don't go Hyderabad to do that."


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RK Selvamani questions Theatre association secretary Panneerselvam

Recently, Panneerselvam, Secretary of Tamil Nadu Theatres Association, had quoted that no theatre in Tamil Nadu will be ready to bear the VPF charges. In addition, Panneerselvam also said that the discussion meeting that they had with the TFPC was a successful failure (Vetrigaramanaa tholvi).

Now, R.K.Selvamani has replied to Panneerselvam with another audio statement, in which he has questioned the Rohini Silver Screens proprietor.

"Mr. Panneerselvam, you say, 'Vetrigaramana tholvi', and that itself shows that you are not interested to have any improvements. Just when all the theatre owners were agreeing to our terms in the meeting, you decided to go against it, and your audio created the whole new confusion.

I haven't spoke anything bad or ill against any theatre owner and I want to clarify that. I have just explained the procedure of how VPF works. QUBE President, Senthil Kumar says that they returned 80% of VPF rates to the theatre owners who have own projectors. But only when we investigate, we get to know that they've repaid only to theatres like Sathyam, PVR, and not for the theatres down south, who have own projectors. Why is that difference? I asked this question to you, addressing you as the General Secretary of the Theatres Association, and not as an exhibitor.

I am working as the General Secretary of Directors union, and we have a provision to avail offers and take treatment at low rates at a private hospital. From the topmost director, until a backend assistant director, everyone is treated equally, and I, as the secretary will make sure that all of them get their discounts with equality. But, my question to you, is that, as the secretary of Tamil Nadu Theatres Association, what have you done for your peer groups? Why is there an indifference? Why is Sathyam getting VPF rates back, but not a theatre down south in Papanasam or Katpadi?

I would like you to call for a meeting with all theatre owners, and in that meeting, I would like to clarify my stand. My accusation is that you have not done anything for your members (other theatre owners), and I would want you to explain your justification on this. If you do so, I will agree to what you ask me to do," said Selvamani

RK Selvamani request producers and actors to shoot their films in Tami Nadu

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