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RK Selvamani and Doss Ramasamy clarify on Nayanthara’s Dora issue

Nayanthara starrer Dora, which is all set to hit the screens on the 31st of March has made it’s way into an issue that is not so happy for the makers. According to some rumours, Dora, directed by Doss Ramasamy is said to have the exact same story of director Arun’s yet to kick start film “Neeyum Naanum”. Arun is a former assistant of director RK Selvamani.

This yet to begin movie is to be produced by RK Selvamani himself but got shelved. To get some clarity regarding the story plagiarism case, we contacted director RK Selvamani. This is what he had to say:

As soon as an issue popped up, I contacted Doss and asked him for his story. When comparing both the stories, only the core concept of the car and revenge was the same. Apart from this, the two stories do not seem to be similar.

When we contacted director Doss Ramasamy, he said, “I do not know how this issue sprang up. My story is my own and is not a rip off. Anyone can make a film based on revenge and a car. A car is a common thing and I really don’t understand why I was pulled into this story theft issue.

To finally also get director Arun’s perspective, we contacted him but he did not wish to comment on this story plagiarism issue.

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RK Selvamani and Doss Ramasamy clarify on Nayanthara’s Dora issue

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