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RK Selvamani quotes reasons behind piracy sustaining in India

RK Selvamani who is the President of the FEFSI union, discussed a number of issues to the press regarding the strike, it’s cancellation and also ways to battle piracy. He gave an example of ardent piracy that can start from a country like New Zealand and kill a movie that totally depends on the Indian market.

He said: “A server in New Zealand has a big film like Baahubali. Now the movie is brought to 100 crore people in India with help of piracy through channels like BSNL, Airtel, Aircel and Reliance. These thieves are paying tax and bringing the movie to India. They are only supporting this piracy and bringing it down here. If these 4 channels are controlled or regulated, piracy will easily end. If liquor or any drug is trafficked, it is a crime and there is a law. But there is no such law for the piracy for our cinema.

Hence we really want to reduce the GST to benefit everyone and also banish piracy. There is a confusion for many whether cinema is an art or a profession. Take it however you want, we really hope the central government understands our problems. This 28 percent is actually going to be snatched from the people and not from us. Normal people will only be affected by this high hike in GST and not the rich people who will sit and watch movies at their homes. Do not put this burden on the people is what we are trying to say! Thank you.

RK Selvamani quotes reasons behind piracy sustaining in India

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