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RK Selvamani talks about the current scenario with film shoots being stalled

We had reported earlier that, The Fefsi Union and the Producer Council had not come to terms with each other and that film shoots have been kept on hold for the moment. This indefinite strike led by Fefsi has affected many thousands of people who depend on the daily wages for their livelihood. Talking about this issue to the press was RK Selvamani of the Fefsi Union:


It is clearly not the best situation right now and I did not want this press meet to happen but it has. We had certain demands and these do not seem to be received by the Producer Council. Approximately 40 film shoots across Tamil Nadu have been stopped at the moment and as of now this strike is indefinite.


I can clearly understand that, many thousands of people depend on these daily wages for their livelihood but I am not sure about how things are being received. The reason behind this strike is a demand for an increase in wages and there is no proper communication happening right now between the Producer Council and Fefsi. I really hope we arrive at a solution really soon so that all the shoots can resume and normalcy can be attained. The Tamil industry has seen numerous problems already this year and I hope this issue ends on a good note very soon.

RK Selvamani talks about the current scenario with film shoots being stalled

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