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Powerstar Srinivasan talks about his father's kidnap controversy

Powerstar Srinivasan is a very popular name in the Tamil Film industry. Beginning his career as a medical practitioner, he moved into finance before embarking on making films starring himself.


Last year, Masoor Alaam and Sajjadh Wahab from Bengaluru had lodged a police complaint that Srinivasan had cheated them of Rs 1 crore promising them to get a loan of 30 crores and took the money as a commission. While this case is still in court, here comes a new twist in the tale.


Srinivasan's wife had filed a complaint in the police station on Wednesday that her husband is missing and she suspected that he could have been kidnapped. 


Now Srinivasan's daughter has given an official press statement regarding this issue - "I am Powerstar's daughter Vaishnavi, dad is missing since the 5th of December. That's when amma got a call, she was informed that dad is safe and they will let him free after getting voice proof from him. 


Then they called back again and said that they are going to take my father to Ooty for registration. Then amma went to Ooty and called me and said that they are safe and there is no issue. Then when I called back, her phone was switched off. I don't know the names of the people behind this but I am sure they are from Bangalore."