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Director Majid Majidi sets the tone for meaningful Indo-Iranian relationships with Beyond The Clouds

Cinema truly has no language - it connects people together at a human level, regardless of where they come from or where the story is set. And Iranian auteur Majid Majidi's next film Beyond The Clouds has set the tone for this already before its release.

At Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent visit to India - his first since his election - where he met Indian PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi, they revealed their common stance in using culture and exchange of information and experience to confront terrorism and extremism. The conversation on the cinematic co-operation as part of the cultural exchange between the two countries found a rather prominent space.

They spoke about the cultural union of the brilliant minds from both countries through the medium of meaningful cinema. In light of that thought - Beyond The Clouds, Majid Majidi's very first cinematic Indian sojourn became a centrepiece, an example, they discussed to highlight the power of cross-cultural and cross-border artistic union. Rouhani also spoke about how artists and makers from film and television from both countries should consider more collaborations like this to strengthen a prominent and long-standing cultural relationship between the two countries.

Produced by Zee Studios and Namah Pictures, Beyond the Clouds is planned to hit the screens on April 20. 


Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Worldwide release for Majid Majidi's Beyond The Clouds on April 20

India and the rest of the world will now witness Majid Majidi's upcoming film Beyond The Clouds on April 20.

Beyond The Clouds is one of 2018's most anticipated films not just in India but across the world. The trailer launch of the film with the film's entire team - actors Ishaan Khattar, Malavika Mohannan, music director A R Rahman, the producers from Zee Studios and Namah Pictures and of course Majid Majidi himself -  the response to it was a reaffirmation of that very belief. The excitement to witness the magic of the legendary Majid Majidi on the screen created in our very own country was palpable with the love showered for the film's trailer by industry members and audiences alike who welcomed the film's first glance with much fanfare.

After the tremendous worldwide response to the trailer, the film's producers have decided to release the film worldwide on April 20 including in India. The idea is to ensure that the film is presented on a truly global platform in every way and to celebrate this story of India parallelly across the world.

Talking about the change in the release plans, Sujay Kutty, Business Head, Zee Studios says, "The demand internationally like India has grown manifold and to ensure that we create a single release window across the globe for a movie of this stature from such a renowned and respected filmmaker like Majid Majidi, it was but natural to have a date which works across the globe. The film has many firsts for us to be proud of - an all India team under Mr Majidi's leadership, a platform for two brilliant debutants and an India story showcased by such a legendary artist. We decided to make this change in the release date as not every day do you get such an opportunity with such promise and such brilliant talent.”

Speaking about this development, producer Shareen Mantri Kedia of Namah Pictures says, "Beyond The Clouds is a film that demanded a worldwide release given the excitement for Mr Majidi’s content across the globe. He is a visionary whose emotional connectivity and narrative transcend the boundaries and limitations of language. We are glad that audiences and fans across the globe will now be able to simultaneously share the experience of Majid Majidi's magic as it comes alive on April 20th."

Producer Kishor Arora of Namah Pictures further states, "Majid Majidi's films are enjoyed by one and all in India as well as internationally. So we’re celebrating this unique global endeavour with a simultaneous worldwide release. It will be a treat for all his fans across the globe and we are glad to make it happen."

Director Majid Majidi sets the tone for meaningful Indo-Iranian relationships with Beyond The Clouds

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