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Baahubali 2 poster review

A brand new poster of Baahubali 2 was released just a while back featuring the birthday boy Rana Daggubati who plays king Palval Thevan in the film. Apparently, the second part will talk about 2 time zones. One, the flashback portion, where Rana would be battling it out with Baahubali and the other time zone would probably show how Shivudu (Baahubali’s son) wages war against Rana to avenge the death of his father.

The poster shows the elder version of Rana with some grey hairs. He has beefed up a little more than the first part and looks like a real hulk. He has the same weapon in his hand that he used to carry in the 1st part but the only change we could notice is his costume. He used to wear a grey and red war shield attire in the first part whereas here he is sporting a fancy bumblebee colour outfit which has been imprinted with a similar type of lion face in it. It must be noted that anything associated with Rana will have a lion to it, be it is chariot or his chair. However, the lion print in Rana’s costume here has red colour eyes compared to the grey ones in the previous part.

Just like the previous posters, this too creates a curiosity and makes you want to watch the film.

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Baahubali 2 poster review

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