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Interview Team : Jyothsna; Kavya sathyamoorthy; Arjun; Venkat

Bhaskar, who made his first and best impression with his Telugu debut Bommarillu, is now making his Tamil debut with Bangalore Naatkal. Continue reading to know about his multi-starrer filmmaking experience...



Was debuting with a remake film a risky idea?



Bangalore Days is a feel good film and that's one main reason for it's remake. It's a good film and so we believe that it'll reach the audience well. Moreover, I'll be making many more films with my script in Tamil so I'll be constantly proving myself here. I don't think I'll disappoint the audience, because they've already seen my essence in Bommarilu's remake. Nothing much stressful.



 How do you feel about the comparisons that are made with the original?


Comparisons are inevitable while making a remake, but you can't make a film having that in mind. The only motive while making a remake is that the film should give the same feeling that the original gave to its audience. Having said that, if an audience comes into the theatre with an open mind, he'll like the film a lot more. 


 Director Raja, being your friend, why didn't you think about remaking his Thani Oruvan?



I don't plan remaking a film just after watching it. Even in the case of Bangalore Days, the remake was initially to be done in Telugu and Tamil. I always wanted to do films in Tamil, without letting my reputation in Telugu fade away. This opportunity was timely then, but later, things changed and we were only able to do it in Tamil. Basically, I try concentrating on writing than on directing.


 Bommarillu had the best dialogues that are referred to in real life even today by people...


Not only dialogues, kids even say "Bommarillu appa maadhriye irukka paa nee" to their fathers. Those are the kinds of characters and stories I always strive to create, those that last long in everyday life of people.  I hope I create another film like Bommarillu that strongly creates an impact in the viewer in the future.

Bommarillu appa maadhriye irukka paa nee!


This film is about various relationships. How was the bonding among the actors behind the lens?


Arya was the epicentre of bonding in the sets. He never let anyone sit alone. Whenever Rana or Bobby came in, he'd go and greet them "hi machaan" and pull them towards him. Sri Divya is a girl of few words, but they never left her idle for a minute. There's a saying that when you make a person run continuously, they'd keep running forever. Similarly, Arya and Bobby used to constantly make fun of Sri Divya and after a point the three of them got along so well.

Arya was the epicentre of bonding in the sets. He never let anyone sit alone. 


Fahadh and Rana have completely different personalities. Why Rana?


When I first met Rana, I was not so sure of him. He was humongous for the role. I knew he'd act but didn't know if he'd suit the role. But an immense trust developed when he said "I'll transfigure myself to fit the role and stand before you" and when he surrendered himself to me saying "Allu Arjun has already told me that you're a director who goes for too many takes. So make me redo a scene a 100 times or 200 times, I don't mind. Do it until you are satisfied with the output". He even lost 25kg for the film. Rana is the surprise element of the film. So the perfect answer for your question will be "Watch the film and you'll know why".

Rana is the surprise element of the film. Watch the film and you'll know why.


Sri Divya has said that she initially didn't want to do the film, how did you convince her?


Initially I was also wondering whether to remake Bangalore Days. After giving it a lot of thought, at some point I came to the point "pannaa enna?" and I convinced Sri Divya by saying the same. When we first met, she hadn't watched Bangalore Days. Later, when she was afraid of comparisons, I calmed her down by saying that one can't always run away from something out of fear and that we're only buying the film's story, not Nazriya. So it was enough if she did the role in her own style and not imitate Nazriya. I can't go to Arya and ask him to act like Dulquer. That will reduce an actor's confidence.

I can't go to Arya and ask him to act like Dulquer. 


Nazriya had sung a song in Bangalore Days. Didn't you think about using her voice in this film's album too?


We did try to get her to sing but she was out of town when we wanted her. Not only for the album, we even asked her to act in the film but she was reluctant to act after getting married. Anna Katharina, the lyricist of the song ‘I want to fly’ has sung it herself in the original and in the remake and that song has come out to be an amazing number.

Nazriya was reluctant to act after getting married.



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