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I have never done a Hindi film without involving a Tamil technician.

“Madhavan, Naan ungala virumbala, ungala interview pananum nu aasa padala, aana idelam nadanthurumo nu bayama iruku” - Meera

Yes, Nadanthiruchu!

Madhavan, the man with an aura that can fill the entire globe with positivity and glee sets aside some time for a quick chat with Meera Chithirappavai ahead of the release of his ambitious bilingual venture Irudhi Sutru/Saala Khadoos.

Unanimous positivity surrounding Irudhi Sutru

Without a doubt it is the merit of the film. If it was any other film and I was looking any different, there would be at least a little amount of anxiety or doubt. The magnitude of metamorphosis that Irudhi Sutru went through and the time we have kept all of them waiting might be other two strong reasons for this unanimous positivity we are receiving.

Irony of being the trainer of a real fighter...

I didn’t have to handle that irony. I was just instrumental in sourcing her, I would say ‘sourcing’ because that is the exact word. Later Sudha was responsible for screen testing Ritika and preparing her for the film. Her preparation did all the handling.

Promising young filmmakers spotted?

One of the films that I was very impressed in the recent times is Bahubali. Though S S Rajamouli is not a new filmmaker, he has taken the Indian Film industry to a whole new level. I would love to work with him for a film like that one. Rest of them are doing a great job with the scripts, but, CINEMA, I haven’t seen yet. By cinema I mean when families used to go in hordes and patronize the content. During Minnale days, people used to see the morning show and watch the next show too right away. That is the kind of excitement that cinema can give and I haven’t seen that happening for a long time in Tamil cinema.

Multi Starrers - No fear factor attached?

No. The story has always been the foremost priority for me. That doesn’t mean I will end up doing a character role in a film. I have no insecurities about what my position is in a film. In Tanu Weds Manu if I should play the second fiddle to a double role Kangna, I would do it because I know it is a 250 crore film. The indication is satisfaction.

The Pan-Indian appeal

I know both Hindi and Tamil well so I was slightly greedy (Laughs). Every film I make must be archived, this is my sole thought while selecting scripts. If you notice I have never done a Hindi film without involving a Tamil technician. I want even the technicians to get that wider reach and popularity.

Appreciations and awards

I really don’t care for appreciations anymore because what matters is the satisfaction a project gives and the happiness you source while working on it. The repercussions of that happiness is directed towards my family and friends. I received an award for my first film and haven’t received any in this 15 years. But I am still here, that's what matters!

Irudhi Sutru - The producer Madhavan’s note

This film is a result of the team’s exhaustive effort and energy. If you notice we made sure that no picture got leaked though film was under production for more than a year because the charm of the film would have been lost if it happened. I feel it in my bones that this film is going to be an iconic one.

The process of selecting the leader - Director.

I interact a lot with my directors after freezing on a script. I need a lot of details about their character with respect to their temperament, attitude and approach. Are they trying to please me? What is their threshold? What is the extent of their endurance? Are they genuine about their feedback? I analyse many aspects like this before deciding who I am going to be directed by.

The Madhavan’s law!

The degree of separation between the initially conceptualized story and the final output should be the bare minimum.

Female craze for Maddy.

It is not just female, I have a lot of male fans. They admire me and the least I can do is to accept their admiration. Even I am a normal man made of flaws. My assistants might call me an angry man while my wife might think I am a ’loosu’! There are certain things that I like about myself, I cannot disrespect people.


Kangana - Keep rocking Aamir Khan - Keep making awesome films like you've always done. Kamal Haasan - The legend you are, we hope we can pay enough tribute to you. Mani Ratnam - Can’t wait for your next one.

45 is just a number while looking at you.

No, no! Ask my knee it will tell you (Laughs)

Sidharth Abhimanyu

I can’t do that. It is impossible.