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Interview Team : Jyothsna; Venkat; Vaishnavi; Avudaiappan

Charming and pretty Poonam Bajwa is now making a thrilling comeback in Aranmanai-2. She was earlier seen in Romeo Juliet with Jayam Ravi. As the film hits the screens today, Vaishnavi engages in a fun chat with her. 



How would you describe Poonam in real life?

This is one of the toughest questions I have been asked till now. Poonam as in real life, is very easy going, always happy and patient (laughs).


You are a model turned actress. How was the experience?

I did not start out as a professional model. I modeled after school days, mostly for pocket money. When I was looking out for opportunities and went to Hyderabad for a fashion show, a casting agent found me. It was my summer vacation and the dates were suitable and that’s how I signed my first movie. I did not know that it will become a full-fledged career option. 
Now I think that it’s a big privilege to do acting and that the profession is not like how people feel. It is very dynamic and there are indeed more pros than cons associated with it. You get to meet a lot of people and travel around too. It’s not monotonous.  
I would recommend anyone to go out and experience it. Acting is not a bad profession, but a lot of hard work. If you’re passionate, then this is just the field to work in indeed.


Coming from a different background, how comfortable are you with Tamil?

Honestly, I started with the Telugu industry and I came into the Tamil industry two years later.  By then I was used to working in the South and I find it to be very comfortable.
I love Chennai and I have started understanding Tamil very well now. It’s like my second home. I always look forward to coming and working in South India. It's like I have two homes now- one in North and one here.

Chennai is now like my second home


What’s Aranmanai-2 about?

It goes without saying that it is horror genre and is a sequel to Aranmanai. This venture is an out and out entertainer especially for family audiences. Children would love it as well. We had a great blast shooting for it and I’m sure that the audience will also have lots of fun watching it. 


What made you take up the project?

I have heard about Aranmanai and the first movie was a success too. This movie also had a lot of hype even before the shooting started.  It was an amazing team to work with too.
I have already worked with Hansika and Trisha before, so I was interested to do it again. 
The excellent team and the exciting role were the reasons I took Aranmanai 2 up.


How was the experience of working with Sundar C?

It was excellent. Sundar C is an actor’s delight director. He makes our job much easier and brings out the best from us. A very nice person and a great director to work with. 


What would you say are his stand out aspects?

Sundar C is a very laid back person and generally there’s no real stress on the sets. No screaming and no running. We always packed up early. But the work was always done. With him planning was very pakka and the delegation was excellent. Clear instructions were given to everyone on the sets. 

Sundar C is every actor's dream director.


Something memorable about Aranmanai-2?

I can't point out one particular incident from the movie. I just think that the whole experience was memorable. I really don't know when the work happened because the process was so slow and we were having so much fun on the sets. It was an absolutely smooth ride. 


What about your co-star Siddharth? 

This is the first time I’m working with him and I have heard a lot about him. I have seen most of his movies too. Since it is already established that he’s a great actor I would state that he’s a very nice human being, cheerful person and life of the party at the sets. He would make us play together, chat with us and engage all of us in activities. 

Siddharth was the life of the party on the sets of 'Aranmanai2'.


What kind of bond do you share with Trisha and Hansika?

It is a very nice and cool bond. I have worked with both of them before. Trisha is one of the coolest persons I have met. She is very secure, friendly, unassuming and down to earth. 
I was very happy to work with Hansika again post Romeo Juliet. She is a very bubbly and lively person who is constantly laughing and talking all the time. It is a lot of fun with her around on the sets.

Trisha is one of the coolest person I have met till now.


Were there any cat fights or ego hassles between the trio?

Lots of people think that there are three heroines on the set so there might be some kind of cat fights or something unpleasant will happen, but sorry to disappoint you guys, nothing like that happened (laughs).


Was it overwhelming that the crew already had two leading heroines? 

Not at all. We were more worried about the movie and wanted it to come out well. As long as we had our paths etched out we were not worried. Each one of us have very strong characters in the movie. Once that was taken care of, we’re not worried at all. It was a team effort and we worked to shape up the movie well rather.


Were you worried about being overshadowed by them?

I am not denying that I had this flicker of doubt before signing the film because both of them are leading actresses. Obviously when I got a call I had the fear, but then I was judgmental on whether my role is important enough. But once I got a narration, I was convinced. I realized that I have nothing to worry about. 
Once I was on the sets, I was so glad that I took up the opportunity.  I was convinced enough that my screen presence will speak for itself. Not just mine, each one’s role in the movie is well-etched out. Everyone’s role is as important as the next person’s. 


Are you okay with multi-starrers?

Absolutely. I am more focused on the story and what’s my part in it. That’s all. At the end of the day, all you want to do is to be a part of a good film.
I want to keep the audience happy irrelevant of the number of characters in the story. My priority is more about being a part of a good cinema.


What’s more important to you- Script or your character?

I would say that it’s a combination of both. It’s not just the script or my character. I consider the director’s style, the team, their previous projects before signing the project.  But my approach varies with each movie and it's not fixed. 
It all depends on what I’m looking from the movie. At the same time I don’t want to be fixed in a particular role only. I want to experiment. I want to do a lot of roles.


In Kollywood, who are your favorite actors/actresses/directors?

Director is always Mani Ratnam sir. Actors- I love Ajith sir and as for actresses I like Jyothika and Anushka.

Ajith sir is my favourite!


Who inspires you the most?

Any woman who is strong and independent inspires me. Be it a security lady or an army officer or an actress, if I see a woman who is very confident, sure about herself and strong, I would appreciate that a lot. 
That’s something i always look for and admire in women. I feel good about it and it makes me happy. I feel like, wow, there’s a change happening and there are more and more women emerging out. I hope that this trend continues. It is not restricted to one famous person or someone who is close to me, I make it a point to notice it in everyday life. 

Any woman who is strong and independent inspires me.


What kind of roles are you willing to take up in the future?

As I already mentioned, I don’t plan stuff. I let it flow naturally. As long as I know it’s not a typical role. I don't want it to be a ‘babe lost in the woods’ or ‘a college girl’ anymore.  I am looking for roles with an edge or something extra in them. Not regular stuff at all. No more of bubbly innocent roles that I took up previously. 


What’s your diet regimen?

OMG! (giggles). I have a huge issue of losing and gaining weight frequently. I mean it happens frequently for me. I have a tendency to put on weight easily. I think the drawback is that actors don't have a consistent routine. The schedule when you’re at work is completely different from when you’re in sets. While I’m working, I just have lots of fruits, salads, hot water and green tea only. 
All the damage happens when I’m at home for more than a week because that’s when your mother says “oh my daughter is working too hard, I have made this and please have” and you can't’ refuse. When you say you want to diet, they don’t take it very well too, so that’s the issue indeed. This is the challenge. I try my best to strike a balance between the two.
The basic thing I guess is to never starve yourself and to have your dinner early. Just try to be active throughout the day. Also, do gymming, walking or running for an hour. It’s more important to be on your feet all day and not sit or sleep for long time. These are the basics that I follow all the time and I think this is better to do something that you can consistently keep up with rather than going for weight loss or diet phases.


What are your upcoming projects?

Besides this, I also have another project in my kitty  but I don't want to reveal the details till I have signed the deal. It’s the jinx sentiment you know, I don't let people know unless it is completely confirmed. Hopefully, I will announce it very soon.


A message for our readers?

Keep smiling! Be happy!
Though I’m a big motivational junkie and I can go on for hours about how to live your life and stuff, but the most important thing as of now, is being happy. So please keep smiling, be happy that’s all.
She signs off happily with a lot of thank yous and well-wishes!



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