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Vijay - Ajith fan fights are actually good in a way

Both the actors share a healthy friendship but the dedicated fans of the respective heroes never stop from pitting against each other.

From hooliganism to online wars, the overzealous fanatics go on a never ending marathon of fights degrading each other’s  preferred hero. Post the Chennai floods there was a definite change, but now the fans are back to what gives them their prime entertainment.

Making memes, trending humiliating hash tags and undignified posters during release, there is no end to this at all. But trying to get something nice about this whole unruly behavior, we would like to point an observation here.

Only a Vijay fan knows what are Ajith’s actual strengths and only an Ajith fan knows what will make a Vijay film a success. A patronized fan fails to be critical of his/her favorite hero and there is no room for the hero in return to evolve and escape from the clutches of commercial cinema. So these fan fights actually create a pressure on the stars to be more cautious in selecting scripts and taking up diverse roles.

Though the fan-fights are becoming more than acceptable, haters do create a stir among leading heroes.

Abishek Raja


Vijay - Ajith fan fights are actually good in a way

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