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18-5-2009 fame actress Dhanya threatened to be killed

Budding actress Dhanya, also known as Rafiya Banu, of '18.5.2009', Tamil film fame, has been threatened to be killed by unknown strangers.

Dhanya registered a Police complaint with the Commissioner of Tamil Nadu Police, this morning. In her statement, Dhanya said, "I have acted in a Tamil film titled, 18.5.2009, directed by Ganesan. I have also been part of many popular advertisements. I received a mysterious phone call from an unknown caller ID at 1.16 AM on May 14. The guy on the other end of the phone sounded very rude and abused me with harsh words.

He also threatened me that my life will be in big danger after the release of 18.5.2009 movie. He abused me with bad words and said that he would kill me. I told him that I was just an actress, and if he had any issues with the film, I asked him to contact the director or the producer. But, he gave me a harsh reply.

Adding to all these, on May 16, I received a call from a number, +447404617369, who also threatened me. I and my mother are scared if our lives are in danger, and we seek your protection. I also request the Commissioner to take necessary strict action against the individual who abused and threatened me. I kindly request you to assure and give protection for my life.

Yours Sincerely,