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Bigg Boss contestants Rajesh Shringapore and Resham kiss each other

Bigg Boss Marathi is running into a controversy for the fact that, actor Rajesh Shringapore, has openly confessed his love for a fellow contestant and actress Resham Tipnis.

Rajesh is already married, and his love for a new girl inside the Bigg Boss house has shocked the audience. However, Rajesh and Resham have been spotted together many times, during the show.

In one of the recent episodes, Rajesh was seen confessing his love to Resham. Rajesh then faced the camera, and openly left a message to his wife, hoping for her to understand his love.

To prove their love, Rajesh and Resham shared the same bed and kissed each other, and their behaviour has come as a shocker. A section of the audience, however, believe that this might be a trick played by the contestants to create an impact.

Only after they come out of the Bigg Boss house, we would know the exact reality.