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What is Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam hero up to?

Parthiban’s hero for Bharathi Raja

Sep 02, 2014

Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam directed by Parthiban garnered all the positive feedbacks and the film is being talked for its intelligent treatment and a refreshing approach. The lead hero Santosh Prathap who played the role of a struggling director who wants to make it big in the film industry was also appreciated for his subtle and understood performance.


The aftermath of plaudits is Santosh Prathap's second project. If sources are to be believed, the title could be Kannadasan which would be the name of Santosh Prathap in the film. This project will be directed by Agathiyan and produced by Bharathi Raja. The film is said to star Vijayalakshmi, Oviya and Manoj Bharathi Raja. Stay tuned for more updates!


What is Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam hero up to?

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