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Kamal Haasan speaks about paying taxes regularly

''Paying taxes is more important than donating at temples''

Feb 26, 2014
Kamal Haasan has always been known as someone who is regular at paying his taxes. He was recently honored by the Income Tax Department for his commitments towards tax payment and was also invited to be the chief guest at the inauguration event of a 2 days' cultural program at the IT Department's office in Chennai. Kamal's speech at the event was impressive and candid as ever. 
"Paying taxes regularly is like donating for the upkeep of the country. It is even more important than offering money at temples. The results of paying taxes can be instantaneous and can result in better roads and facilities for all our countrymen. With this hope, the IT department was formed along with the constitution of the country. 
I wonder why there is a dread surrounding tax payment. It is an ancient medieval habit which has stuck on, as tax collection officers were cruel then and had no consideration. People think that not paying taxes is like a national duty but they fail to remember that it is us who own the country now.
But service tax for artists and actors like us is slightly confusing. Hopefully there is a dialog in this direction which leads to a better resolution. Whenever an industry is feeling over-taxed and over-strained by tax, there may be black money generation and people may choose to not disclose their income."
Kamal also encouraged all the participants who were set to participate in all the cultural activities by saying that 
"Professional artists may perform for the love of money but amateur artists always do it for the love of the art" 


Kamal Haasan speaks about paying taxes regularly

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