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Kamal Haasan and Suriya shared great vibes at the Cuckoo music launch

Kamal is both the 'Annan' and 'Chithappa' to Suriya

Feb 18, 2014

Kamal Haasan and Suriya are known to share good vibes and they have demonstrated the same in a number of public events. The recent occasion being Cuckoo's music launch function which was held today, the 18th February in Chennai.

When the anchor introduced Suriya as someone who gives 110% and is totally dedicated, the star shot back at the anchor lightheartedly and said that such descriptions are more apt for Kamal Sir. The anchor responded jocularly to this by saying that she would introduce Kamal Sir as someone who gives 200%.
Suriya referred Kamal as 'Annan' on stage while also saying that he used to address Kamal as 'Chithappa' too, but 'Annan' felt more intimate and close. Kamal responded to this when he spoke, by saying that he is someone who enjoys dual roles and that he is both a 'Chithappa' and 'Annan' to Suriya. Kamal continued by saying that when Sivakumar is around, he prefers to be the 'Chithappa' to Suriya as father Sivakumar might have some reservations related to age.
There was a gush of laughter that spread around the hall when Kamal said this.


Kamal Haasan and Suriya shared great vibes at the Cuckoo music launch

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