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Director Ram empathizes with Karthik Subbaraj

Thanga Meengal Ram pacifies Karthik Subbaraj

Jul 23, 2014
We earlier reported about the delay in the release of Karthik Subbaraj's Jigarthanda. Director Ram, who faced a similar delay in the release of his National Award winning Thanga Meengal, a year back, has written a letter addressed to Karthik Subbaraj, empathizing with Karthik. The letter reads as follows:
Dear Karthik Subbaraj
I heard that your Jigarthanda's release has been postponed by a week.
Even, my Thanga Meengal suffered a similar fate. The dailies said that Thanga Meengal will release by July 26th, but finally when the movie released in the theaters, it was the 30th of August.
I know how it feels when you announce a date, and when the release gets stalled. I learned how hard it is, around the same time last year. 
Everyone offers their own opinions on the delay, and that makes matters worse.
This night will be hard on you.
Don't worry. The victory after these hurdles will be sweeter. Those victories rewrite history.
And, congratulations on the success of the Hindi remake of your debut movie, Pizza.
Finally, I believe that your Jigarthanda will be a cinematic delight, just as Madurai's Jigarthanda is.
Warm Regards,


Director Ram empathizes with Karthik Subbaraj

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