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Dhoom 3 box-office collection report from world over

Taking stock of the Dhoom 3 box-office hurricane

Dec 29, 2013

Dhoom 3 is into the second week of its run and taking stock of the first week's performance, there is just one word to describe what Dhoom 3 has achieved - Mind-boggling. The worldwide gross of the movie, after the first week is reported to be 57.97 million USD which works out to around 359 crores in INR. The overseas markets have contributed around 105 crores (17.02 million USD) while the gross from India is more than 253 crores (40.95 million USD).

The film has set new records in almost all the overseas markets such as USA / Canada, UAE / GCC, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan. In the coming days, Dhoom 3 is set to be released in markets such as Maldives, Rwanda, Egypt, Germany, Peru, Romania, Japan, Russia, Turkey and more. 
The Indian net collections are 188.98 crores after week 1 with the Hindi version netting 178.97 crores and the Tamil and Telugu versions pitching in around 10 crores. On its second Friday, Dhoom 3 managed just over 10 crores net and at the end of yesterday's business, the film would have made it into the elusive 200 crores net club, which has been visited only by a handful of films before, such as 3 Idiots, Chennai Express and Krrish 3. 
Dhoom 3 is touted to make it past 250 crores net in India while the overseas business is expected to boom even more, what with such an extensive release planned in the coming weeks. 


Dhoom 3 box-office collection report from world over

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