Paradesi is Rich

Paradesi is Rich

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Paradesi is a "TRUE CINEMA" from Bala which takes Tamil cinema to new height.


The storyline is based on real life incidents happened in pre-independence era which sheds light on the dark history of tea plantation workers and it also takes us a journey about the lifestyle of village people who lived in those times.



1)Bala prooves again that he is a pioneer in making reality movies with raw characters and it should be learnt from Bala on blending comedy in this kind of "pure cinema". There are no comedy actors or exclusive comedy scenes, but the first half guarantees fun through nativity dialogues and village characters (especially the scenes involving Atharva's grand mother).

2)The second half of the movie is good example to showcase director’s sincerity to the script which doesn’t have any cinematic compromises.

3)The PATHBREAKING element of movie is the "Climax" which is perfect and stunning rather than being a forced climax just for the sake of introducing a twist.



The characterization is the biggest asset of the movie which is very realistic. The story involves lot of side actors and they have lived their roles as professional artists.(Few examples are Atharva’s grand mother, Vedhikas mother,  doctor/compounder)

It hardly takes 10-15 minutes from the start of the movie to realize that Atharva has done a mindblowing job. His expressions to convey disappointment during the marriage scene ( when he is not served food) is a master piece for his acting skills.

Both Vedhika and Dhanshika has done a neat Job, but its Dhanshika who makes better impact. Both the artists coming as newly married couples deserve a special applause.



1)Editing (Kishore) is crisp and doesn’t have anything which is not required for the movie.

2) The songs are not outstanding, still they are good and the back ground score is really good.

3)Camera work travels perfectly with the mood of the movie.



Dialogue is handled by famous Tamil writer and Sahitya academy winner (2010)- "Nanjil nadan" and he enriches the movie with his classical nativity dialogues.

Rating – 8.5/10

T Ram Kumar

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